About Jane Cargill

I am forever a student, and often a teacher. Yoga has taught me to approach life with an insatiable curiosity and openness of spirit. I teach a soulful, slow flow alignment based vinyasa where self inquire is encouraged and joy of being is the pinnacle. 

I hold experience as the greatest of teachers and encourage rigorous self-study. Yoga taught me presence, presence gives choice and choice is the intersection where we claim authorship in the creation of life – on purpose! I have been blessed to study with many great teachers including Baron Baptiste, Natasha Rizopoulous, Barbara Benagh and Patricia Walden. I am a certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor from Kripalu Institute and Down Under Yoga. I love to teach Meditation and periodically retreat to study silence at Hridaya Institute. 

My unwavering intention is to uplift, empower and inspire people to be free. Come and experience the sacred homecoming practice of alignment with self, source, spirit… and what I call yoga. I hold space for the miraculous and invite you to join me.

Welcome to my world!

AND there is nothing I love more than working with people who are willing to LEARN from life, those more interested in asking questions than having the answers. Those who are more interested in turning their attention inward, towards the silence, rather than outward toward the confusion.

Here’s some truth-talk, if you’re not present, you don’t have choice. This means, presence is EVERYTHING.
Yoga is an inside job and getting present is where ALL the works is. A bit of Self-inquiry goes a LOOOOOONNNG way.
Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda are the tools I use to support the process of people returning back to their sacred self, AND finding their way in the material world.

As above ———— So below.
Welcome to my world, I look forward to sharing and growing with you!