My Beloved Yoga Teachers: A Homage

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My Beloved Yoga Teachers: A Homage

A touch of history.
Baron Baptiste was born into a family of yogis. His parents co-founded the first yoga center in San Francisco in 1955. His uncle hosted Yogananda back in the day and his family in general was influential in spreading yoga in the states. Baron was a student of Krishnamacharya’s, and Iyengar by proximity as they were family friends. He has taken the best of what he learned from both camps and created his own contribution.

Baptiste Yoga:
Community focused.

The 5 alchemical elements:
•Ujjayi. Breath.
•Dhristi. Vision.
•Tapas. Fiery rigor.
•Vinyasa. Flow.
•Journey Into Power sequence.
 The container!

All trainings, leadership programs and 40 days to Revolution are centered around the following core practices:

  • Asana. Get physical.
    •Dhyana. Get still.
    •Svadhyaya. Study self.

    Teaching tools:
    •Way of being.
    •Pervasive presence.
    •Eyes. Ears. Words.

    The Heat (Tapas)
    It levels you. Softens defenses and fortified resilience. There’s and honesty that prevails when when we allow the heat to permeate us. The sweat factor, the skin is the largest organ and one of three ways the body detoxifies, regular purification thus leaves students and energized and light in spirit.    
  • Journey Into Power (the sequence above)

The flow is SMART It inclusive, adaptable and crosses lines of age, ability and pedigree. It’s sequentially laid  out with all family’s of postures present. The sameness in sequencing can be a familiar background to notice the newness. This frees up the teacher to be a conduit for greater inspiration, it also frees up the students cerebral listening which sets the seen for transcending the body. There’s something deeply enchanting about aligning the body with breath that dissolves the momentum of mind into stillness. All classes are created from the RAW energy of the moment. It’s personal, yet impersonal.

What makes a teacher impactful?
They embody the transformation. They ensue trust. They are a conduit for the teaching. They keenly meet others where they are and inspire them beyond their perceived limitations. They leave students empowered.

A good teacher can help us cruise the learning curve. But let’s be clear, we can’t teach someone something they don’t want to learn.


My Teachers!

  • Baron Baptiste
    The teaching:
    Commitment to something beyond the self. Living our greatness. Radical transformation thru self study. Leaders leave others empowered.

    At the time it felt forced ripe, but looking back the intensity and rigor was the medicine. Baron fanned the spark within me. He demanded my excellence, and kicking and screaming I evolved.

    •Dennis Young
    The Teaching:
    Dharana. Dhyana.
    To be still and know.

    A Vedanta teacher who taught me about the more allusive aspects of the practice. He reminded me ALWAYS Spirit, SOMETIMES Matter. Not two, but one.

    •Natasha Rizopoulos
    The Teaching:
    Precision. Essential language. Purposeful sequencing. How to teach students to fish for themselves.

Her JOY of sharing is palpable and is absolutely an essential element of an impactful teacher. She is easy to adore!

  • Maybelle Rothwell
    The Teaching:
    Ishvara Pranidhana. Devotion to the the creator. Subjugating ones superficial desires with a deeper focus on communion with the Divine.

She taught me about the enchanting dance of devotion to source.

  • Patricia Walden

The Teaching:

The joy of RIGOR. Patricia is a renowned senior Iyengar teacher who fully embodies the wisdom of the of the practice. Her classes are imbedded with applicable philosophy, keen observation, humor and tremendous elegance. She holds the bar high for her students and loving never-ever lowers it.

She has taught me about the joyful rigor and steadfast devotion to one subject. I feel very fortunate to be in the presence of true greatness.

They have all challenged and changed me in ways words fail to convey. What I share today is a culmination of time with them and time with self. I AM deeply blessed.