Yoga gives CHOICE.

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Yoga gives CHOICE.

Yoga cultivated presence – presence gives CHOICE!

“As the mind, so is the Man”
-James Allen

When I was quite young my grandfather gave me a paperback book called The 7 Laws to Live By.

I was fascinated with it, marked it up, took extensive notes and studied it intently. The quote above is what has stuck with me through the years.

Let me preface by saying that I’m no expert on healing but here is what I can share of my experience.

It’s important to acknowledge and be real with the challenges of “what is”. Be it mental, emotional, physical, spiritual or a combination.

It often shows up as depression, sadness, anger, insomnia, panic attacks, back spasms, chronic pain, lack of energy, migraines and naturally the list lives on.

The intersection between “what is” and “what’s to come” is in using our mind as an ally towards change. Presence and deliberate focus gives CHOICE.

It’s likened to current location on GPS, this is where I am right now.

But if we always focus on “what is” it solidifies our experience of “what is” and sends a message to the universe that reflects back same-same. What we get is always a reflection of how we are spending our time, energy, attention and focus.

No surprise that what we focus on gets stronger and builds momentum. In yoga we call this a Samskara, it is a mental grove or loop often unseen by the seer.

But, the universe always says YES!
This is law.

I’m fucked… YES!
I’m sick… YES!
I AM blessed… YES!
I’m… _______YES!

Fill in the blank and the universe always says YES! It is indifferent to what we focus on, and always affirms it.

So relief becomes the process of moving through the stages of “what is” to “what’s wanted”. This is likened to foraging a new path after a snow storm, the more cars that roll in that direction, the more distinct the path-grove becomes. In the mind this is likened to building new neurological pathways, when one remains conscious and on purpose.

In a sense it is defying the ‘reality’ of what is and training ourselves to focus on what is wanted, and persistently acting as if.

You see our hands are tied in ‘reality’ of what is but not in desiring, imagining, visualizing, and focusing energy and attention on what is to come.

It starts with relentlessly training the mind to focus on things that are soothing, that bring relief and that are pleasing however big or small.

From this comes presence and presence gives rise to choice, which often leads to inspired action. This is how we direct our focus and therefore actively participate in the creation of our lives.

The path of releasing resistance could look like a nap, breathing purposefully, listen to something inspirational, a cold shower, a walk, moving energy, watching sunset, a swim in the ocean, creating art, spending time with someone who makes you laugh, or even helping another etc. Literally anything that helps you climb up the emotional scale – any amount.

ANYTHING that distracts you from feeling stuck.

If you can practice and harness this power of focus you can transform life as you know it. And bonus, the body will follow the mind.

The point is that your training you mind-body to focus in a way that supports you moving from what is-to what’s wanted.

You can not get to where you want to be if your stuck affirming is or what is wrong.

In other words, you can’t fight for your limitations. Or you can, but it will surely keep you where you are and likely it will get worse.

You have to walk through. Step by step, choice by choice, and day by day training yourself into a progressively higher vibration. It’s not a strait path, their will be guaranteed highs and lows, ebbs and flows.

When we get skilled at this we essentially up our standards for feeling good. And therefore lower our tolerance for feeling anything the contrary.

As our mind shifts our body is influenced and ultimately transformed.

Just like driving from Boston to Baja, in order to get from A to B you must go through.

I want us all to feel healthy, vibrant and have an appetite for our days here on earth, as it was intended!

No one can do this for us and we must take responsibility (the ability to respond) and author our own experience. All I know is feeling my very best is a constant practice, a practice of mind, focus, choice and inspired actions that come as a result.

It’s tempting to say “BUT” but arguing for our limitations will only give us more of what is.

You, me, we have the power to literally create realities, let’s leverage this in a massive way and author the lives that we intend!

It’s a CHOICE.