21 Days of Ayurvedic Self Care | Dinacharya Program

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21 Days of Dynacharya Program!

Dynacharya translates to daily routine. From a Yogic-Ayurvedic perspective it is our daily routines that ground us, unleash our natural vigor and awaken our appetite for life! It’s said we know people not by their words but by their actions. Yoga claims you know self and other not by actions but by the routines that dominate our lives. Consistency over duration.

This is a 21 day program! I lead this twice a year, Fall and Spring. Every three days we will add a specific Ayurvedic Dinacharya practice that will build on the prior.

We will explore ways to cleanse, balance and restore the five senses and other essential daily practices that promote Sattva, the overall experience of naturalness, vitality and wellbeing.

This is includes 4 interactive online meetings, focusing on Ayurvedic daily routines as well as daily online support with a private group. I love to share educational and motivational content daily private group.

You will leave with a comprehensive daily routine specific to your mind-body constitution – your Dosha and lifestyle practices that will be grounding and nourishing for a lifetime to come.

Daily routine is like showing up everyday and putting a drop in the bucket, meanwhile your intention is to create an ocean. It’s the cumulative effect of the daily routines that promote vitality and overall well-being.

The very best investment of our time is on personal growth and wellness. It’s our habitual practiced routines not our resolutions that create lasting change!

Contact me if you want to know dates for next upcoming program or have a group and want to run a private program.