Ayurveda’s Praised Daily Routines | Dinacharya

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Ayurveda’s Praised Daily Routines | Dinacharya


Let me start by laying down some light vocabulary. Bear with me!

Ok, repeat after me… EYE-YOUR-VEDA.

Translated as “The Knowledge Of Life”. This is the ancient practice of living in sync with nature’s rhythms and attuning yourself to your own personal nature within.

Ok, repeat… DINA-CHAR-YA.

Dinacharya is the foundational practice of Ayurveda. This Science of health and longevity rests in practices that are consistent and cumulative. Cleansing the senses are not the only daily rituals, but considered the cornerstone of health and well-being, so let’s start here!

Continue on reading BUT only if your interested in raising your Energy, Vibrancy and Longevity!

Cleansing the 5 Senses:
The 5 Senses are literally responsible for how we make sense of the outside world inside. Which is why Ayurveda emphasizes cleansing and caring for them as the foundation for balancing our interior experience of our external world. Without cleansing, the elements can accumulate and cause all sorts of dis-ease.

1) Skin- Self oil massage, Abhyanga. The word for oil in Sanskrit is Snigda and translates to Love. Therefore the practice of Abhyanga, daily self-oil massage is a ritual of love unto the self! 💛

2) Nose- Neti Pot to cleanse and irrigate the sinuses and Nasya Oil to soothe and protect.

3) Tongue- Tongue scraper to remove toxic Ama build up, the creamy white layer on the tongue. Oil pulling to leach toxins from the mouth, organic coconut or sesame is best. Warm water with lemon upon awakening to helps to loosen Ama buildup and hydrate the system.

4) Eyes- Gently splash cold water to awaken the muscles of the eyes, Rose water to soothe and hydrate and attention to impressions on the eyes – especially in the morning when we are most impressionable.

5) Ears- Rub a small amount of Sesame oil in your ears with your pinky finger. Attention to impressions upon the ears – especially in the morning as what we take in, in any form, is influencing the day to come.

Ultimately we are cleansing and balancing the gross elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether and inducing the more elusive- subtle quality of Sattva.

In addition to leveraging Diancharya to establish the balancing of the senses via the mind, we can work with simple breathing techniques such as Nadi Shodhana, Durga or Ujjayi Pranayama to further and ultimately liberate ourselves from the fluctuations of the ever changing world.

“The Mind is the King of the senses but Breath is the King of the of the Mind.”
-BKS Iyengar

P.S. Consider adding Triphala, a three fruit Ayurvedic herb blend for balancing digestion and elimination for all three Doshas. Super mild and best at bed time!

Ayurveda has given us very simple daily practices, let’s apply them consistently and live the good life as we are meant to!