Understanding Ayurveda’s KAPHA Dosha: The Mother!

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Understanding Ayurveda’s KAPHA Dosha: The Mother!

Holy KAPHA Dosha!

Rule #1) Like irritates like and opposites balance.

Kapha governs:
The physical structure of the body. Fluid and lubrication of the joints and is the root of vigor, strength and vitality.


Your given Biological Makeup. Unchanging. Your Nature at birth. It is rooted in your parents elemental proportions at conception.


Your Current state. It fluctuates with time of day, Season, Season of Life, Lifestyle, Age, Diet, Environment both Physical and Emotional and a variety of other changing variables. It is constantly on the move.


The Elemental Makeup of Kapha is Water and Earth.


The Qualities that exist physically, mentally and emotionally:

Manifestation of Kapha:
   -Large Framed
   -Quick to gain weight, hard to lose.
   -Thick, dark, curly hair, late to grey        
   -Big Eyes, Soft
   -Steady Appetite
   -Slow Digestion
   -Run Cold

Balanced Kapha:
They are the motherly types, steady and reliable. They are compassionate, trustworthy, slow to learn but rarely forget once they have. They often have blue, caring eyes. Their presence is grounding, often highly empathetic which shapes them to be keen listeners and natural caretakers.

Slow and steady is their Mantra, like an Elephant.

Imbalanced Kapha:
They tend toward inertia. Go along for the ride as it’s often too much work to assert opinions or try to create change. Dull in body-mind. Often depressed. Low level aspirations. Excessive everything, food, sleep, alcohol, sex etc. Quick to give up. Overly Sensitive to criticism, often have excessive weight problems. Overly attached to routine, easily addicted and jelous.


Spring, when the external environment is cool and damp as Nature thaws out from Winter.

Again, the Doshas are very strongly influences by their Gunas.

Food Example:
Kaphas do well with skipping breakfast and a regularly scheduled periodic fasting. This keeps their tendencies for slow digestion in check. They do well with bitter, pungent, astringent foods and herbs, and are irritated by sweet, salty and fatty foods.

Lifestyle Example:
Walk to work. Take up a hobby. Less routine more spontaneity. More movement, more action!

Yoga Asana Example:
Vigorous vinyasa or heated Power Yoga classes tend to serve Kaphas well. You can see how this would counterbalance Cold, Slow, Heavy, Dull, Stable and promote balance. Always keep in mind Rule #1!

In Ayurveda who’s doing the doing, when, where, why, how and how much are all essential parts of the equation and decision making process.

Ayurveda is all shades of grey and never restricted to black and white. We must reference Prakriti and Vikriti to balance. And let’s get real, balance is a moving target, which invites us to make a practice of turning in and attuning to what’s needed from the inside out. Moment to moment, breath to breath and choice to choice.