Understanding Ayurveda’s PITTA Dosha: The Fighter!
Fire- Water, Yin-Yang

Understanding Ayurveda’s PITTA Dosha: The Fighter!

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Understanding Ayurveda’s PITTA Dosha: The Fighter!


Rule #1) LIKe* increases like and OPPOSITEs* balance.

Pitta governs:

Transformation, Digestion & Elimination. Not just in the Annnamaya Kosha, the physical layer of the body composed of food but also in the more subtle layers of our makeup

  • Prakrti:

Your Biological Birthright, your Nature at conception. It is unchanging. It’s like being a Pisces or and INFJ, it is fixed.

  • Vikriti:

This is current state, it changes with Time of day, Season, Season of Life, Lifestyle, Age, Diet, Environment and other variables. It is constantly Influx.

Dosha: The Elemental Makeup of Pitta Dosha is Fire and Water.

Gunas: The qualities that exist both physically, mentally and emotionally:







Manifestation of Pitta:

-Medium Framed

-Good Muscle tone

-Often Balding, Early to Grey

-Oily Skin/Hair

-Luminous Eyes

-Fierce Appetite

-Strong Digestion

-Run Hot


Balanced Pitta:

They are Natural Leaders, the Decision Makers! They are mentally sharp, witty, quick to learn, and host a strong memory. They posses a Luminosity that is physical, energetic, which shapes them to be naturally compelling socially. These types are the HBIC’s, the Head Bitches In Charge;) Get shit done is their Mantra.

Imbalanced Pitta:

They can be rigid in their All Knowing. Tyrannical in there leadership. Methodical in using their sharpness to dominate others, the situation, or life. They are prone to excessive heat in the body-mind. Quick to anger, judgmental of self and others. Irritable, easy to rouse. They often have skin problems as Pitta is responsible for all things inflamed. Tend toward loose stools and can be highly arrogant.

Season: No surprise, it’s Summer.

Keep in mind Doshas are heavily  influences by their Gunas.

Food Example:

Pittas are typically aggravated by spicy 🌶 foods and balanced by cooling foods. The antidote is always found in Nature, so generally foods that grow in hot environments like coconuts 🌴 are a great antidote to Pitta’s fiery tendencies.

Lifestyle Example:

Being Typically overstimulated Pitta’s do well on periodic media fast. Scheduling regular day’s with light commitments and perhaps an evening bath or a brief nap.

Yoga Asana Example:

Pitts’s run HOT so it’s no surprise many naturally are irritated by hot yoga. Some are attracted to a vigorous power class but what would actually balance them most is a regularly slow flow, yin or restorative yoga.

One of the things I appreciate most about Ayurveda is that it is not black and white. We must reference Vikrti current state in order to balance. I believe this is how we would best be served moving through asana and life.